Paper Recycling at Pink Pig international

We can guarantee that;

  • 66% of the material in our cardboard boxes is recycled and all of our Kraft boxes are 100% biodegradable.
  • Our Shrink wrap can be 100% recycled (check local recycling).
  • Our grey board is made from 100% recycled post consumer waste.
  • Our paper and grey board come from FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®) approved suppliers.
  • CSR (Corporate social responsibility) plays a big part in all that we do.  Unrecycled materials (where we can) often get distributed to charitable organisations within the community.

We recognise that the world and its people need to change and many attitudes towards the decline of global habitats are developing for the better!  Take recycling in 2016 as an example, the UK alone recycled 45.2% compared to the 12.5% we, as a nation recycled in 2001.  The UK (currently) targets at least 50% by 2020 but is it all ‘too little too late’?  Recent public exposure to a global issue, being plastic waste making its way into our seas,  has highlighted the urgent need to look after our planet before it becomes uninhabitable.  The fact is that many scientists have known this for years but too few chose to listen.  Although we still use shrink wrap when needed to protect our books, we are looking for a way to reduce or remove this.  At this time a bio degradable clear wrap is not available to us from any of our suppliers but we can assure you that it is recyclable!

As a major user of paper, we are often asked about our environmental and recycling policies.  Early on in our history we made the decision to only buy acid free pulp from accredited and sustainable resources.  We source pulp from Europe, which is then manufactured into paper as locally as possible by our luxury paper manufacturers. This ensures that not only do you get the best quality products, but that we are also doing our bit to help the environment.  

We also recycle our waste, where possible and do our best to distribute any unrecycled waste to communities  with the hope that they can make use of this via upcycle - this is part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.  We pride ourselves on our low carbon footprint. Our books are handmade here in Yorkshire and over 93% of our suppliers are from within the EU.  We chose our suppliers carefully with high quality goods, who also share our values and commitment to the environment.

An example of this is that our British paper supplier requires a huge amount of water.  Like most paper mills, this is crucial to the making process.  The water that they use from a local waterway returns to the river cleaner than once it came!  Such a process is audited by the environment agency and continue to be very closely monitored.

We have spoken with our suppliers and visited some of the major facilities that provide our materials.  We know what goes into all of our products and are pleased to offer you this as peace of mind.